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Hummingbird Treasures
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As a child on the shore of Rangeley Lake in Maine, when the larkspur in my Grandfather’s garden was taller than I was, a hummingbird came to sip its sweet nectar. From that moment on, I knew that joy was an inside job!

My inner child still knows that feeling of wonder with each new hummingbird discovery.

Hummingbirds have shaped my travel:
- to Costa Rica to see the Purple-crowned Woodnymph, the Snowcap, and the Purple-crowned Fairy in a magical five-tiered rain forest lagoon;
- to Jamaica to experience the Red-billed Streamertail perching on my finger to drink;
- to Trinidad to capture images of the tiny Tufted Coquette, swinging on the vervain vine; the Blue-chinned Sapphire drinking from the blossoms of the vervain; the Green Hermit while pollinating the banana blossom, and on to Tobago to photograph the colorful Ruby Topaz and her chick;
- and home, to the welcoming song of the Anna’s hummingbird in our own back yard.

Here in Arizona, someone lovingly dubbed me the ‘photographic nest diva of Sedona!’

These experiences culminated in my opening a store for Hummingbird Lovers (like me) – The Sedona Hummingbird Gallery and Spirit Center*
    …a hummingbird-themed and nature-inspired store for ‘everything hummingbird’
    …gifts, jewelry, pottery, and my spiritual nature photography.

Just recently a customer voiced it perfectly:
 “I get why you opened a special shop like this:  Hummingbirds fill the soul!”

I hope you will stop by to share your love of hummingbirds and perhaps to anchor that feeling of joy with a special gift or image for yourself or a friend.

* I want to tell you about the Spirit Center aspect of my gallery. I have a master’s degree in music and music therapy and am a certified music psychotherapist. As a Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery, I offer the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music sessions in the privacy of the music alcove in my gallery, after hours. I have a Jungian and transpersonal orientation, and I especially enjoy working with a focus on creativity and creative writing. I have additional training with Dr. Stephen Gallegos in the Personal Totem Pole Process, and offer sessions to discover your personal totems and animal allies, also while ‘traveling’ to classical music. One needs to allow an hour and a half, and I charge $90 per session.

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